Customer Service

We're here to provide the best customer service experience!


Some components of our quality committment include:

  • Our in-house workshop manager checks on all repair processes including undertaking a final quality inspection prior to customer collection.
  • We use the Daytona 5 PlanIt Booking In Program to control flow of work and to monitor productivity in the workshop.
  • We have 4 visual monitors strategically placed around the workshop to optimize work flow.
  • A customer vehicle inspection checklist is completed on drop-off.
  • We recycle bumper bars, aluminium, steel, headlights, cardboard and plastics.
  • The final check sheets are scanned to the DNS Wiseboard program. This creates transparency between the office and workshop.
  • Using PPG Envirobase reduces the amount of emissions released into the atmosphere.
  • Our wash bay is a full rainwater system incorporating Hydro-Tec oil separation equipment.
  • The 30kw Solar Panel system substantially reduces the power bill.
  • Vehicle coolant and oils are stored and disposed of securely.


Barossa Valley CollisionĀ is committed to I-CAR Training and dedicated to acquiring new equipment when necessary to keep up with the new car industry.


We make ourselves available to attend repair forums and trade shows along with initiating in-house demonstrations of new products when made available to the market.

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